Human Trafficking Is A Serious Conflict Essay

1329 Words Nov 4th, 2016 6 Pages
In today’s society, human trafficking is a serious conflict. Human trafficking is a horrendous crime that uses individuals through an illegal trading of human beings by use of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Most traffickers find the most vulnerable and very unstable individuals that are capable of prostitution, pornography, or sexual performance. The victims are lower in society therefore, they may not be readily available to be tested for contaminated diseases. Humans are not a form of property therefore, they should not be treated as property especially when they become a victim as a child. Human trafficking is inherently tied to poverty and unstable finances in a Thailand home, this phenomenon is proved by statistics of Thailand’s economy. Now, the country of Thailand is under a constitutional monarchy. For starters, the child labor percentage for this country is 8% (Factbook: Thailand). Child labor can vary it may include working in factories, to being used for human trafficking as well. The adult prevalence STI rate is 1.12% (Factbook: Thailand). Diseases are easily transmitted without the proper contraceptives and access to healthcare. The birth rate is 11.1 births per 1000 people (Factbook: Thailand). The infant mortality rate is 9.4 deaths per 1000 people (Factbook: Thailand). The poverty of Thailand is 12.6% (Factbook: Thailand). For starters, human trafficking began over 400 years ago; beginning when African cultures were carried overseas…

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