Human Trafficking Is A Multi Dimensional Threat Essay

1236 Words May 16th, 2015 null Page
“Human trafficking is a multi-dimensional threat, depriving people of their human rights and freedoms, risking global health, promoting social breakdown, inhibiting development by depriving countries of their human capital, and helping fuel the growth of organized crime” (US Department of State, 2015). Not only is human trafficking a complex issue on multiple levels, it touches several global issues including human rights violations, organized crime and global health issues. The United Nations formal definition doesn’t eliminate variation in interpretation by countries across Latin America, nor does it eradicate confusion distinguishing smuggling, prostitution and illegal immigration from human trafficking.
In 2000, the United Nations drafted two protocols, known as the Palermo Protocols, to address human trafficking and human smuggling. Human trafficking is frequently confused with human smuggling especially in Latin America. The Trafficking Protocol considers people who have been trafficked as victims who are entitled to protection. The Smuggling Protocol considers people who have been smuggled as willing participants in a criminal activity who should be given “humane treatment and full protection of their rights” while being returned to their country of origin (Rolando Seelke, 2011, p.2). The Department of Justice distinguishes trafficking from human smuggling saying trafficking involves the existence of force, fraud, or coercion. Under US immigration law, a…

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