The Push Factors Of Human Traveling And International Human Trafficking

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International human trafficking and international human smuggling affect the most poverty-stricken civilizations around the world. With false promises such as a better job and other exceptional opportunities elsewhere, people are lured into what is known as modern day slavery. Millions of people are forced into labor as a result of this trafficking. There are many non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations that have been hard at work trying to put a stop to the multibillion dollar industries within multiple countries.

The United Nations, an intergovernmental organization, have created their own protocol to suppress and punish the criminal act, called the Trafficking Protocol. They United Nations as a whole recognized
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Millions of people are involuntarily moved across the world. Examples of countries being affected are Thailand, China, Cambodia and Malaysia. These countries are all located in Asia and the reason why they are affected the most is because the laws are harder to enforce. The creation of trafficking can be traced back to any push or pull factors. The Push factors can be summarized as poor social conditions within the victim 's country that can encourage them to search for an improved life. The pull factors are connected to the demand for cheap labor in the destination countries. Other pull factors include, but are not limited to, child labor, forced marriages, sexual slavery and illegal organ transplants or …show more content…
The Office on Drugs and crime, a branch created by United Nations, provides statistics on all partnerships and the positive outcome that could occur through coordination. Next, Interpol has an even better data system, illustrating to the countries the areas they need to focus on to improve their defense against Human trafficking. Furthermore, the international rescue committee is an organization that is always ready to lend assistance to countries with the use of outreach programs both regional and national. Additionally, The Asia foundation brings the criminals to justices and ensures closure on the victims. Supplementary to the foundation, the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach focuses on the mental aspect of trafficked victims educating the victims and then guide them back into a normal lifestyle. Finally, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking provide shelter to the victims in need all other the Asian

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