Human Trafficking Coffee Case Study

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Human Trafficking Coffee (p. 107-108)
1. Summarize the main problem and its setting.
According to the United Nations, an estimated 12.3 million people are currently human trafficking victims. Human trafficking is basically when a person is used for labor or services against their will through fraud, force, or coercion. This is involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or even slavery. Human trafficking from an employer’s perspective allows for cheap labor which results in goods and services produced at a lower cost. These cheap products are passed on to us as consumers. The key players in human trafficking are the victim of the human trafficking, the trafficker, the employer that uses these workers, and the consumer. Those affected
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List the possible ways of responding to the problem.
Our nation as consumers have several ways to respond, which include: (1) continuing to buy the cheap goods, with no regard for victims of human trafficking; (2) creating a formal boycott that says do not buy from employers that use human trafficking victims as labor; (3) only from companies that are proven to not use human trafficking victims and pay a higher price. The response I believe is best is to buy from companies that are proven to not use human trafficking victims even if I must pay a higher price.
3. Identify those moral principles and theories that are most directly applicable to the
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Explain why the other possible responses are not as acceptable.
Purchasing our goods from those that do not use human trafficking victims is the right thing to do versus ignoring the problem. By sticking our head in the sand, we allow this to happen over and over. It actually supports the wrong doers and causes them to keep doing this. We must also hold our government accountable to enforce the laws against the illegal trafficking and use of illegal workers.
Purchasing our goods from companies that do not use illegal trafficking workers is a better alternative than creating a boycott not to buy products from companies that use illegal human trafficking victim workers. If we buy from someone else that doesn’t use the trafficking victims, it will cause the companies to do the right thing by stopping the use of illegal human trafficking workers because they suffer from loss of sales. During this time, the competitor is doing well not using the trafficking victims. When the companies stop using them, the trafficker has not market to send the victims to thus it is no longer profitable for them. This will help stop the human trafficking

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