Essay on Human Trafficking And Human Rights

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Human trafficking, one of the most disgusting human rights crime that is subsidized from public eyes and is taken too lightly. Human trafficking is one of the most profitable crime with a whopping $150.2 billion in illegal profits each year stated by the ILO (International Labour Organization). The question we must ask is how can we bring this problem to the attention to the heads of government. Human Trafficking is a undisturbed market basically after 48 Hours of a girl being abducted they are basically gone. The police will probably have no way of tracking them and sometimes they are not even taken but instead they are sold on the idea of making money or talked into selling their bodies. Which brings up my other question how can we ensure women/ young girls can learn on how to be strong willed and not fall for these traps that lead to becoming a victim of human trafficking and what to do if you are kidnapped.

In the United states we like to believe that we are one of the safest and well protected nations out there, but that doesn 't mean we don 't still have problems like human trafficking. One story that I found from ABC news in written in 2006 that told the story of a fifteen year old named “Debbie” who lived in Phoenix, Nevada. She was an amazing student. Someone you would never expect such an atrocious thing to happen to, But this didn 't stop the people who lure this innocent girl away from her normal life into that of a sex slave. Human trafficking in the United…

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