Human Sex Drive Is Not The Other Way Around Essay

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“Gagnon points out that social arrangements create biological responses, not the other way around. Becoming a sexual person, he states, is not a matter of physical maturation; rather, it is a process of acquiring meanings” (Archive for Sexology). Our sex drive does not define the situation rather the situation defines our sex drives. This would mean that swingers are a product of not just mind set but their environments. Human sex drive is a natural biological urge, but it has been hindered by society, religion and social standards of acceptable behavior. Swingers are not monstrous people, they are not sick, rather they are comfortable in their skin, identity and understand that sex and passion are very two distinctly different things.
Our society has double standards when it comes to human sexuality. What we all need to understand, sex is different for everyone and even Christians and religious communities have sex, however they will state that it is to multiple. No matter the reason it is human nature to enjoy sex, furthermore swinger happen to enjoy it with multiple partners and can keep it from overlapping in their romantic life. With interviews of many couples and individuals many have stated they enjoy reading the karma sutra with each other and being inventive, thus making it know this is universal. Though men ignite the idea their significant other becomes comfortable and enjoys being open with their soul mate or so they describe.
As the aforementioned if sex is a…

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