Human Rights And Its Effects On Society Essays

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What do we all have in common within this room? Here, let me give you a hint, it includes our anatomy. We were all born this way; human. Who knew such a simple word could carry so much power behind it. This word grants one human rights no matter what race, gender, or religion they are accompanied by. I have another question for you all, why are people all around the world being denied basic human rights because of factors that they cannot control, such as homosexuality or gender identification? It seems as if society nowadays can cherry pick who deserves to be treated as a human and who is not worthy. Members of the LGBTQ community around the globe are being denied basic human rights due to discrimination which causes a vicious cycle of abuse and hatred towards them, ultimately taking away their rights to live a happy life. Through awareness, we have the power to break this vicious cycle and bring justice to bias LGBTQ human rights.
Firstly, discrimination has been the backbone of many wars within history, making it no foreign concept to us today. Towards the LGBTQ community, it has been the main variable holding them back from gaining equal rights. In third world countries, such as Uganda, the government has no mercy for LGBTQs, placing numerous laws to assimilate the community. One law in particular, “The Penal Code Act of 1950 (Chapter 120) (as amended) 166 Section 145. Unnatural offences.
“Any person who—
(a) has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of…

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