Human Rights And Freedom Of Expression And Opinion Essays

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Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that all human beings are entitled too, no matter who or where they come from in the world. It is the right to life, liberty, equality, and freedoms. “The right to Internet access, also known as the right to broadband, is the view that all people should be able to access the Internet in order to exercise and enjoy their rights to Freedom of expression and opinion and other fundamental human rights.” As we grow as a society and the way of living continues to constantly change different things become essential to human life. In this decade of life, technology surrounds humans in our every day lives. Even the United Nations have recognized the access to the internet as a human right. Stating that “the Internet has to be more affordable and accessible, because in reality, without access to a computer and the Internet, a person can barely keep up with the Joneses in our digital age.” Their is this digital divide in our society defining those who have and those who do not have access to the internet. The lower income families without access to internet are put at a disadvantage, creating less opportunities for them. Having access to the internet, is like having the right of freedom of thought, expressions and opinions. Therefore the government should be doing whatever they can do, to help provide the internet to people who do not have it, so no human rights are being violated and no one is being left out.

Human beings now…

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