Human Resources Selection Essay

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Literature Review The right candidate doesn’t just fall from a tree, a company must spend a lot of time reviewing many applications to fill a position. Effective hiring processes can provide employers with the upper hand when recruiting and selecting candidates (May, 2006). The four elements that are considered vital to effective hiring include; having a behavior-based interviewing system, automated resume screening and searching equipment, assessment tools, and simulation that gauge specific job-related skills and abilities (May, 2006). In choosing the best fit for the organization, an interview is conducted to allow potential candidates a chance summarize their skills and assess the position, at the same time it gives the …show more content…
By the end of the first year, the company needs to assess the employee’s work performance to make sure it is in line with company goals and objectives. Employer performance reviews can be completed quarterly, bi-annual and annual evaluations. Employee reviews should not start at the end of the year; they should be prepared all year long (Willet, 2012). At the start of the year, expectations for the coming year should be set and clearly communicated to the employee. The objectives should be set and there should be open communication to make sure the employee stays on track with duties and company objectives. Evaluations are intended to focus on the responsibilities the employee should be able to complete within a reasonable timeframe. If the employee is on track during the review, make sure to praise them for a job well done and let them know that you want them to succeed. If the employee is not on track, let them know exactly where they went wrong and the impact it had on the work product. Once it is determined where the employee stands, an employee should told how they can improve and what support they will receive to help them get back on track such as training for the improvement areas (Willets, 2012). Upon completion of the review, it will dictate the outcome of the performance such as a salary increase review. With all of the state-of-the-art techniques,

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