Essay on Human Resource Management Performance Management

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Every organization needs method for managing the performance of their employees. Performance management is about setting goals, monitoring performance, and influencing behaviors. Additionally, performance management provides management with a formal way to provide valuable feedback to their employees. The objectives and responsibilities of within performance management should align with the company’s strategic plans. The human resource manager plays a key role in the process of managing performance (Snell, 2016).
The main duty of the human resource managers in the performance management system is to oversee and direct the process. In turn, the HRM must consider the organizations strategic plan by linking the employee objectives to it. This is critical in the development of the organizations overall goals. It is essential for human resources to consider the strategic relevance when developing performance standards. As explained by the author, “Strategic relevance refers to the extent to which the performance standards relate to the strategic objectives of the organization in which they are applied” (Snell, Ch. 8.2a, 2016) Effective performance management incorporates the company’s strategic plan, value, and mission when developing competencies, traits, and expectations of their employees (Snell, 2016).
Performance evaluation systems consist of three main methods of evaluating an employee’s performance which includes behavioral, trait, and results-based. Behavior-based…

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