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Fashion Forward, a small but rapidly growing company, has operated in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, for two years. April Miller, president of the company, is considering expanding the business nationwide. This expansion would require the hiring of many new employees across the United States, and she has concerns about employees working together and the offices running smoothly. Miller authorized research to be conducted on the subject of human resources in the twenty-first century and what its effects in the workplace can be.
Purpose of the Study The purpose of this report is to inform employees how important human resources are in the twenty first century. Answers to the following questions are provided:
1. What is the importance of Human Resources Management?
2. What are the challenges Human Resource professionals face?
3. How are
4. Human Resources beneficial in the twenty first century?
5. What are the main functions of a Human /resource Department?

Scope of the Study This project was limited by the two-month time period and the topic assignment. Research was gathered through electronic resources only and through surveys conducted to ten random selected individuals working within a business.
The following terms are defined to assist the reader:
Human Resource. A department within an organization that deals with the people who work for that organization (Merriam-Webster 's Learner 's Dictionary, 2016).…

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