Human Resource Management And The Factory Act Of 1833 Essay

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The idea of human resource management started out in the time of the industrial revolution when production at home changed to mass production in factories, with the invention of machines to do jobs that were once done by hand. With the boom in the textile industry and the versatility of cotton and now the innovation of the time saw the introduction of water and steam turbines to power machinery made it less expensive to produce textiles so made it more affordable to the masses so it increased demand. This lead to factories been established throughout Britain and lead to an influx of people in to cities for jobs, changing from agriculture to a demand for factory work. During the industrial revolution exploitation was rife and there was appalling conditions throughout industries as they sought to increase production. The increase in the use of children and women in the industries lead to the factory act of 1833 and further more acts in the years to follow.
During this time of appalling work conditions there were some enlightened employers who sought to improve the standards and condition s that their employees had to work under by bringing out policies and schemes which would improve working conditions. Among them were the Quaker organisations and the appointment of Mary Wood at Rowntree’s in 1896 as an industrial welfare officer and is general accepted to be the first person recognised as a personnel manager. Her role was very different to the roles of Human resources…

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