Human Resource Management and Selection Process Essay

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Recruitment and Selection




The joy of ingenuity!!! This is doubtlessly what this project is about. Before getting to brass tacks of things. I would like
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It is the data which has been collected by individual or someone else for the purpose of other than those of our particular research study. Or in other words we can say that secondary data is the data used previously for the analysis and the results are undertaken for the next process.



Wipro started as a vegetable oil company in 1947 from an old mill founded by Azim Premji's father. When his father died in 1966, Azim, graduate in Electrical
Engineering from Stanford University, took on the leadership of the company at the age 21. He repositioned it and transformed Wipro (Western India Vegetable
Products Ltd) into a consumer goods company that produced hydrogenated cooking oils/fat company, laundry soap, wax and tin containers and later set up
Wipro Fluid Power to manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in 1975.
At that time, it was valued at $2 million.

In 1977, when IBM was asked to leave India, Wipro entered the information

technology sector. In 1979, Wipro began developing its own computers and in

1981, started selling the finished product. This was the first in a string of

products that would make Wipro one of India's first computer makers. The

company licensed technology from Sentinel Computers in the United States

and began building India's first mini-computers. Wipro hired managers who

were computer savvy, and strong on business

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