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An assessment of the early stages of a sustainable business model in the Canadian fast food industry
David Hutchinson
University of Windsor,

Jang Singh
University of Windsor,

Kent Walker
University of Windsor,

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Practical implications: Through a detailed examination of Tim Hortons’ sustainable business approach we delineate a number of areas where the company can improve its sustainability. We also discuss areas of difficulty (e.g., drive-thrus) and areas in need of improvement (e.g., a detailed description of the sources of the company’s greenhouse-gas emissions). Social implications: Tim Hortons’ sustainability program was only recently launched, and although the motivations behind the program are not discussed, it was not developed in response to any government subsidies or legislation. Originality/value: Our main contributions are as follows. First, we methodically analyze the sustainable business approach of a Canadian fast-food company including but not limited to its value-added process, driving forces, and purchasing policies. This provides a beginning for others who wish to implement sustainability into an industry not known for its environmental responsibility. Second, we suggest ways that Tim Hortons could improve its sustainable business approach. Third, we provide a case study of how an iconic Canadian company with revenues over $2.5 billion and nearly 4,000 stores across the globe

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