Human Resiurces Essay

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Discrimination in the workplace
Bobby L. Harris
Indiana Wesleyan University

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Discrimination in the workplace is a real sensitive issue. People come from
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The environment that Mr. Peters is working in is obviously making him uncomfortable and possibly interfering with his work performance. The affectionate notes and the phone calls could also be having a strain on his relationship with his wife. I believe he does have a legitimate sexual harassment claim against Ms. Anderson. From the information given I do not believe Ms. Anderson has a case. She was passing him affectionate notes, calling him, and sending him Valentine’s Day cards. These are not professional behaviors that are appropriate for the workplace. Ms. Anderson should not be making these types of passes at someone who is married and has children. I believe her behavior toward Mr. Peters is completely unacceptable. My next step would be to hold training for everyone in the hospital involving sexual harassment. I would also review the hospitals current policies about dealing with such issues and correct any deficiencies that need to be corrected. I would also recommend that there be a standby present for all harassment or equal opportunity issues in the future. Having a standby present allows you to have someone who can verify what happened in the meeting. Sexual harassment (The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission [EEOC], 2008, ¶ 3) can occur in a variety of circumstances, including

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