Human Overpopulation Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The more people there are on Earth, the greater amount of deforestation, use of natural resources, and air pollution is going to occur. When people think of deforestation, most think of people cutting down the rainforest, and although the answer is true, it is not the only place where deforestation is taking place. Constantly using land to yield goods and services alters the structure and function of the land’s ecosystems (Vitousek, Mooney, Lubonenco, and Melillo). “Forests that grew over centuries and soils that took millions of years to develop are now being used up in a single human lifetime” (Keyfitz). It is tragic that this statement is true. Every day people are using forests and natural resources until the resources are in danger of extinction. “…Modern society has failed to take into account the full significance of the changes it has made in the circumstances of life on earth” (Caldwell). Yet, there is not only deforestation happening, but there is also the extensive use of natural resources. Impacted by population on the environment, soil loss, desertification, loss of biodiversity, declining oil reserves, and inaccessible minerals are evidence of resource depletion (Ehrlich and Holdren). The more people there are, the more demand there is for products such as wood, gas, oil, and so on. Along with the process of making or using many of these products, byproducts are made and pollute the …show more content…
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