Human Nature : Nature Good Or Evil? Essay example

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Very little in known about the minds of the newly born. While many consider babies to be cute and fascinating, one can easily connect babies to being the epitome of selfishness. Defenseless as they may be, their terrifying roar whenever they feel tired, hungry, angry, or even bored, quickly causes those around to devote their attention towards the little one. Of course, others would simply say that babies, being unable to accomplish anything on their own, rely on their crying to communicate with people. Such human reactions share a great detail about the confusion that lies in human nature. Are humans by nature good or evil? Were humans born with a moral nature or were they reformed by society to have a matured human nature? Or perhaps we were born fundamentally good and society was the cause of our strayed path? Different civilizations had different conceptions of the onset of human nature, however most Chinese philosophers of the ancient times agree that human nature consists of four general properties: tendential, developmental, rational means and ends, and cooperativeness (Magagna, 2014). One of China’s greatest philosophers, Confucius (Kongzi, 551 – 479 B.C.E), never discussed human nature in the Analects, but believed that humans possess the capacity to perfection, although they must constantly and consciously strive to actualize it by devoting their lives to self-education (De Bary, 1999). Mencius (Mengzi, c.371-c.289 B.C.E), another Chinese philosopher, believed that…

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