Human Nature : Being Considered Human Essay

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Being human is more than just existing as a mass of tangible atoms with the ability to walk and talk and co-exist in a world obsessed with the idea of the perceived final destination of happiness. Being considered “human” is more of a conceived concept than something you would learn in science class, there really is no definition you can write down in the notes you take for your unit test. There are people- human beings- that could be categorized as inhuman. They don’t have the characteristics we as a society push upon humans that are found to be human qualities, whether those qualities are how they think or how they act. There are people that do horrible things and have no regrets and there are people who don’t appear to have any thoughts or feelings. They aren’t filed under human because they don’t have the attributes we associate with humans; honest thoughts and emotions. Humans want to feel like floating on a rock in a never ending abyss is not some weird fantasy or dream where the world they created doesn’t worship them. Humans naturally are confusing, they are walking paradoxes and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. We are confusing and that’s what makes us what we are; Human. Also, as humans, we reserve the right to make decisions that create outcomes and from those we make new decisions; good or bad.
Humans are wired to feel like they have a purpose. Our whole lives revolve around the great question: “what is the meaning of life”. We all ache for an…

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