Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv ) Essay

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Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that weakens the immune system making the individual more susceptible to diseases and other viruses. Unlike most viruses the human immune system is unable to fight HIV and it may eventually lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS (MORE ON AIDS) (‘What Is HIV/AIDS?’ 2015). HIV cases in Australia is beginning to increase after a great reduction during the 1990’s and it is most common among men who have sex with men, this means that women affected by HIV/AIDS are not ----. The HIV rates in Somalia are reasonable low compared to neighbouring sub-Saharan countries and most common among the heterosexual couple as a result of sexual activity and due to unsafe healthcare facilities (‘Antiretroviral therapy target declared by country’, n.d.). Stigma and discrimination are social determinants HIV positive individuals face. Stigma is defined as; labelling an individual with a mark of disgrace and singling them out (Interactive & Design, n.d.) while discrimination is the unjust treatment individuals face (‘the definition of discrimination’, 2014). Both is Somalia and Australia HIV positive women face a great amount of discrimination and stigma and as a result are less likely to disclose their diagnoses (‘Mogadishu – HIV in a time of unrest’, 2012). The healthcare system is another social determinant that impacts on HIV positive individuals. Australia has a well-developed healthcare system in which women that are HIV positive can…

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