Essay on Human Growth And Development ( Coon, P. 90 )

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Research tells a fascinating store about human growth and development (Coon, p. 85). From the time we are born, our interactions and environment begin to shape our personality; a personality that will determine how we handle ourselves and make decisions as young teenagers to grown adults. Shen we think of development, we naturally think of children growing up into adults. But even as adults, we never really stop changing and developing (Coon, p. 86).
Overview of the case The scenario I have chosen is the first case in which Thomas was initially excited to be graduating; however, as reality and fear began to set in, Thomas’ attitude and behavior began to turn to a negative manner. Thomas lived his life in a certain routine, doing homework, going to class, having the security and comfort of his girlfriend. But then everything began to rapidly change, from his social circle of friends to his physical environment. This causes Thomas to be scared, confused, lost, and ultimately act out in violent behavior.
Overview of the theories In this case, Thomas is challenged with multiple development challenges; however, we will limit our discussion to the deprivation and enrichment, social, and cognitive development theories.
Deprivation refers to the lack of normal nutrition, stimulation, comfort, or love (2014, p. 92). In an earlier study, Crosby (1976) argued that the pre-conditions for feeling deprivation are that the individual: does not have that object or opportunity, sees…

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