Human Genetic Engineering : A Hero Discovery Or A Society Divider?

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Human Genetic Engineering: A Hero Discovery or a Society Divider?
In 1997, the film Gattaca was created, which showed the public a futuristic idea of humans being able to edit and modify human genes to create “valid” humans as well as “invalids”. Today, this futuristic idea from 19 years ago has become a not so out of reach reality for society today. Human genetic engineering is the process of either adding improved DNA or deleting sections of a person’s DNA and then adding more efficient DNA in its place. This process is used to enhance and modify human lives, by preventing many harmful genetic diseases as well as simply altering certain characteristics about a person. This controversial topic of human genetic engineering has been an arising issue in not only the United States, but all over the world due to the safety of the process, the affect it has on society, and the ethics of this recent scientific innovation. With every major science discovery or innovation there is going to be the question of safety and the affect it has on human life in both short term as well as in the long run. Scientist first started their studies on mice and, “have reproduced Alzheimer 's disease in mice by modifying genes believed to be responsible for the disorder. By so doing, they can use the mice to assess treatments and conduct studies that would be virtually impossible to do on human subjects” (Christopher). With researchers running many tests on mice who have virtually the same…

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