Human Emotion : Animal Emotion Essay

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Emotion has been a developing field in psychology for years now and recently expanded beyond understanding just human emotion. Years ago, animals were only studied to see how they modeled human emotion, but now these animals are not just lab rats but viewed as unique creatures with their own behaviors and feelings that compare to a humans, but are not the same. In fact the field of animal emotion is growing more and more as animal behavior becomes a popular profession and easier to research. This raises the question, how similar to human emotion is animal emotion? Are they alike at all and how much emotion do animals express? Animals have the ability to show emotions in many different ways through facial expression, vocalizations, and body language. All of this can be seen in the day-to-day social interactions between similar animal species as well as encounters with humans. Various studies have been conducted across many different species to see just how much the wild animal can communicate when it comes to emotional expression and how much they truly understand. Through multiple studies it has been observed that many different species from non-human primates to simple lab rats have ways of expressing emotion that is unique to their species.
Animal Emotions To some people animals do not have emotions at all. For most who have spent time around animals it’s obvious that animals do have emotions and ways to express them. Despite the strong evidence that animals do in fact…

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