Human Diversity : Go Deeper Essay

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Race is a man-made concept that was cultivated and sown so seamlessly into the foundations of society that, we have believed that it was a natural mechanism to begin with. There are those today who still have faith in the idea that race is a biological component ingrained in genetics, and on the other hand there are those who have condemn that race and its’ effects are real at all. While I concede with the notion of race being irrelevant in scientific matters and not a legitimate biological categorization, I undoubtedly refute the idea that race doesn’t matter in society.
Scientists in the past theorized that the roots of race would lie within an individual’s genetics. Yet by theorizing so, they are ultimately implying that subspecies of the human race are existent. In “Human Diversity: Go Deeper”, the author challenges this concept of subspecies in Homo sapiens, by illuminating the fact that we are too diverse genetically to have subcategories, and that our race has not been exposed to two pivotal factors: “isolation and time (“Human Diversity-Go Deeper”). As a species we have been able to overcome the physical barriers that divided other animal groups into subspecies. A direct result of this, is an increase in the variations of the human gene pool, which has caused a decrease in the variation of genes among different individuals. Alan Goodman, a professor of biological anthropology, supports this thought in, “Two Questions About Race? “, by further explaining the…

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