Human Development Theory

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Throughout the human development program at Warner Pacific College I have learned an abundance of skills and knowledge educationally and about myself as well. All of the classes I’ve taken has been a foundation to help me advance in my career and views of the helping field. In the following paper is the questions in which most resonate with my views on human development and theories. Lastly, I have not firmly sided with only one theory and believe most theorist have useful theories that can incorporated together in different therapy techniques.
Your beliefs about human development. Which development theorists do you agree with?
Human development is a heavily researched theory, because it helps us to understand the process of learning and how
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The Nature vs Nurture theory has been a very in-depth study by many theorists throughout centuries. Mostly siding for biological or environmental; However, recently through research the two theories are emerging, showing that children are influenced by both their biological and environment, some children are affected by one or the other more. In the past, theorist has been usually on one side or the other on if children are a product of their environment or genes.
In Theories of Development by William Crain, John Locke’s theory was “to think of a child’s mind as a blank slate (p. 7)” therefore believing that the children’s environment was the major influence on how the child would develop. He goes on to explain that people should only give children attention for good behavior and not use physical punishment for bad behavior. His reasoning for this is because when we punish a child they typically only remember the punishment, not what they did wrong and can affect their minds by making them emotionless or as Locke says “you have a low-spirited moped creature.” (p. 9) Locke was a behaviorist who believed children were capable of learning or as John Watson said “that people could be trained to do and become anything, regardless of their genetic background.” (Cherry, K. A. (2009). What is nature versus
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Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a Naturalism theorist featured in the book Theories of Development who explains how children are a product of their genes. Furthermore, he disagrees with Locke’s theory about how kids are not “blank slates” but their development is based on how the child grows on their own and not influenced by others. Rousseau says we should not rush kids to learn or think the “correct ways, we should allow them to perfect their own capacities and learn in their own ways, as nature intends.” (p. 13) However, many people couldn’t take him seriously because he had left his own children at an orphanage. From an article online called “What is Nature vs Nurture? “ By Kendra Cherry talked about another theorist who believes that intelligence is inherited by genetics is Francis Dalton, she also say’s “that intelligent individuals should be encouraged to marry and have many children, while less intelligent individuals should be discouraged from

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