Human Corruption And Natural Causes Essay

1261 Words May 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
As they say, “All good things come to an end”, and unfortunately the same can be said for this planet; one day it will end. As much as humans try to renounce this, we can’t really avoid or stop it. However, whether it will end due to human corruption or natural causes is out of our hands. But we are, without a doubt a contributing factor to the rapid decay of the Earth. Not only do we suck and waste a good sum of nonrenewable resources, but we also emit and excess amount of harmful gasses into the atmosphere. In response, the earth is warming up. Which may seem like a good thing for people that don’t like wearing jackets, but not for the actual earth and the other living things on it. Already, signs of global warming have been exhibited, and of course it is ignored. The only thing that really matters nowadays is money and everything else is just background music. As they also say “People always care when it’s too late.” So maybe when the ice age begins we can get some actual progress. Overall, humans are a prominent reason as to why the earth is heating up. Global warming is exactly what it sounds like; the warming of the earth; its surface, ocean and atmosphere. Since the 1800’s, (which is about the same time the industrial revolution started), the earth has been increasing in temperature. Which is ok, but not at the rate of which it is going at now. According to scientific research, changes in the earth’s temperature can be identified as a cycli In total, the temperature…

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