The Negative Effects Of Global Warming

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Current Knowledge on the Problem
Nowadays, people use fuel as a source of energy which helps them improve their economic well-being and living status. However, its usage has come with a cost because its burning and continued popularity is a major factor contributing to global warming (IPPC). It also has a negative impact on the economy. In its composition, only 565 gigatons out of 2765 of carbon dioxide contained in the fossils is burnt before its negative effects on the globe turn irreversible (McKibben, 2012). In 2011, the rate of emission of carbon dioxide was 36.1 gigatons, and there was a prediction that the figure keeps rising by day (McKibben, 2012). As a result, there will reach a time when the threshold of carbon dioxide emission
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In their argument, they have observed that global warming, majorly caused by burning it, currently contributes to over 400,000 deaths a year. As a result, the deaths realized are costing the world economy a more than $1.2 trillion leading to a dip of the global GDP (The Guardian). The global rise of GDP is estimated at 2.51% annually. However, the deaths realized from its burning and the resultant global warming are causing a 1.6 deficiency to the estimates, a huge number from this observation from world economists. It is clear that its use has more negative impacts that benefit to the global population. In addition, the more is the use this form of energy, the more the global GDP suffers a setback. At the point that the world will reach the maximum threshold of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, severe and irreversible effects will come around. As a result, the negative effects of its use will display their negative side more clearly. The economy will begin a downward trend and lead to the sustainability presented and observed earlier. In the end, the use of this form of energy will cause worse living standards that made people prefer it to depreciate very

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