Human Behavior in Organizations Essay

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MGMT 5032.03
Human Behavior in Organizations
Spring 2013

Instructor: Alix Valenti, Ph.D. Phone: 281-283-3159 Associate Professor of Management Fax: 281-283-3951 and Legal Studies E-Mail:

Office: 3321-16, Bayou Building
Class: 1217, Bayou Building
Office Hrs: Tuesday and Wednesday, 1-4, and by appointment

Textbooks/Required Materials:

Behavior in Organizations, 10th ed. Jerald Greenberg. Pearson/Prentice Hall (2011). ISBN 0-13-609019-2 or 978-0-13-609019-9 See the last page of the syllabus for how you can purchase the text as an ebook.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. To develop an understanding of management functions and
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Students may refer to the textbook, power points, notes or other material, but may not discuss the quiz with anyone else. Quizzes must be taken by the due dates provided in the table at the end of this Syllabus. Quizzes are worth 40% of the student’s overall grade.

Class participation: Because this course involves a large amount of in-class presentations and exercises, class participation is critical to the learning experience of the student. Therefore, attendance will be taken. In addition, attending class and participating in class discussions and activities are worth 10% of a student’s total grade. More than one unexcused absence will result in a reduction in grade. Failure to participate in class activities and discussions will further result in a reduction in grade. If you are not able to attend class, you must inform the instructor and the members of your team BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.

This is a Web Assisted course. Power points and case studies will be posted under the Course Contents. It is suggested that students check Blackboard several times during the week to receive any notices or changes. Regarding the Power point slides, I suggest that you do NOT download and print all of the Power Point slides for all of the Modules at the beginning of the semester. Very often I make small changes or add slides during the semester. Therefore, download and print the slides at the beginning of each

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