Human Behavior and the Socil Environment Essay

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WINTER - 2012

The general concept of Social Work is defined by human behavior and the environment. These two components are the tools that give meaning to the profession and narrate its functions in the broadest terms. Behavior is a characteristic of living things which is often identified with life itself. Modern day Social Work practice dates back to several social movements of the 19th century and beyond and to two very prominent perspectives on the origin of human problems: those aspects that viewed the 'person' as the central point for change and those
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Research has revealed that contemporary society has a huge impact in shaping the life and other attributes of an individual. Some of these changes are identified in accents, simple and daily habits and even food. “It is even a widely held belief that society can shape or design the life of a child to be a very good and productive individual in the community, whilst on the other hand it can also do the reverse by turning the child into a monster and a very terrible and dangerous individual in the society/community. Whatever the circumstances, society plays a very important role in the all-round development of an individual, be it in a positive or negative way”, I. Carter, (2011).

Lastly in our determinants of human behavior we will consider the concept of creativity or innovation. “This is simply the change factor that arises as a result of imagination. Behavior based on imagination and creativity are the easiest and the most simple to change. “As human beings we have the innate potential to imagine something in a very creative manner that we can utilize to bring a significant change and modification into our lives”, Elizabeth Hutchison (2007). The learning process and its contribution to behavior are very fundamental to both biological and social development of the individual. The structure of the human brain supports learning processes. Due to exposure to stimulus in the environment, changes occur that have an impact on the brain as well as determine

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