Human Behaivor Essay

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Formanyof us is a question the why people behave how does it. For many years humanity has sought to understand the behavior of man. In our daily life we face situations that make us think that we are different people, with different characters and attitudes. Companies are mostly composed of human beings, all with different ways of thinking and perhaps an interpretation of things very differently from ours. This makes me wonder, if a company's vision is that all work in harmony to achieve the same goal?, then how important is understanding the behavior of people in an organization? I am convinced that the study of organizational behavior is a tool that will give us a way of understanding human behavior within an organization in a systematic …show more content…
For this reason, it is necessary to analyze carefully how impact groups, individuals and businesses structures, since if we want to achieve success knowledge of human behavior both individual and group it is of utmost importance.

After having analysed the information I am convinced that the science is vital in the study of organizational behavior. Both the psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology and political science, bring their findings to the study of organizational behavior. To be able to tell how to bring these Sciences to the study of organizational behavior it is necessary to at least make a brief mention of the definition of each one of them. Psychology is the science that seeks to measure, explain, and sometimes change the behaviour of human beings and animals. Sociology concentrates its attention on the individual, on the study of the social system in which individuals fulfilled their roles; i.e. Sociology Studies people in relation to their peers. Social psychology is a branch of psychology which combines concepts of this science and sociology. Focuses the influence reciprocal people. Anthropology is the study of societies to understand human beings and their activities. Much of what we now know of differences between national cultures and organizational culture is the result of the work of anthropologists or applying its methodology. And finally, political science studying the behavior of individuals in a political environment. From

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