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HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0

Dr. Korgaonkar

April 26, 2011
Presented by:
Jeannette Chambers
Balaji Govindarajulu

Table of Contents Introduction 2 HubSpot was born 3 Inbound Marketing 4
Inbound Marketing – Three Distinct Skills 4
Advantages of Inbound Marketing 5 HubSpot Product Components 7
Content Design 7
Search Engine Optimization 7
Lead Tracking and Intelligence 8 HubSpot – Marketplace 8 Customer Funnel 9
HubSpot Customer Funnel 9
HubSpot – Customer Diversity 10 Customer Segments 10
Owner Ollies Vs Marketing Marys 11
B2C Vs B2B 11 Churn Rate 12 HubSpot Pricing Model 13 Cost/Benefit Analysis of a Diverse Customer Base 14 Summary 15 Problem Statement 17 References 18
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The second factor was change in the customer’s attitude towards marketing efforts. Outbound marketing techniques were seen as a nuisance and an interruption in people’s lives. The third factor was technology. Customers were now educating themselves via websites, blogs, and social media sites at their convenience. From a different perspective, a consumer could ignore marketing calls by either using caller id or automated voice messages.
Inbound Marketing – Three Distinct Skills Outbound marketing had three factors that pushed the customer away. Inbound marketing utilized three distinct skills to pull “prospects and customers toward a business and its products”: 1) the ability to write compelling, useful content that would attract customers to the business; 2) the ability to distribute the content so that it was easily found by prospective customers using search engines – a required sophistication of search engine optimization; and 3) the ability to attract and engage in a community of followers who would share it with others. This new marketing concept drew the customer to the client. The customer in need of a product would begin a search with keywords leading them to websites or blogs or social media sites. This search is then captured with HubSpot software and converted into usable information on consumer purchasing behavior for

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