Essay on Hubspot Case Analysis

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HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0
Highlighted S.W.O.T. Analysis
* HubSpot is considered a leader and innovator in inbound marketing strategies/practices and a sought after producer of Web 2.0 technology (applications and software). * HubSpot has already reached 1000 customer mark. * coined the term 'inbound marketing'. * HubSpot's freeware (The Website Grader, The Twitter Grader and The Facebook Grader) had proved extremely popular. * In 2009 more than 6500 websites, 22,000 Facebook profiles, and 2 million twitter accounts had been graded by the free tools. * HubSpot was successful at engaging its customers with via social media and Web 2.0.. * Their YouTube channel
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* Different customers valued different features more than others and this made prioritizing potential software updates. * "Owner Ollie" was less knowledgeable and sophisticated than "Marketer Mary". * "Owner Ollie" derived greater initial value than "Marketer Mary". * Business to consumer companies were much more knowledgeable web 2.0 users. * Many business-to-consumer companies found HubSpot's content templates much too rudimentary for their needs. * In contrast, most business-to-business customers had little or no experience with web 2.0. Also they had no agency or consultant support. * Business-to-business customers required more attention from HubSpot during the start up start-up phase.

* The complexity added major costs to the sales and customer service areas of HubSpot. * The cost to acquire marketer Mary was around $5000. * The cost to "Owner Ollie" was around $1000.

* There is a fundamental crisis on the horizon at HubSpot. HubSpot needs to increase its market share, but it is not equipped to handle these new clients. "The question was whether they should continue to throw a wide net and attract all different types of customers, or if they should narrow their focus to a particular target market?" * Roberge believed that HubSpot needed to refine its focus: "if we picked one type of customer to focus on, we would likely get success faster. "Owner Ollie" and marketer

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