Hsbc Corporation Social Responsibility Research Report Essay

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HSBC Corporation Social Responsibility Research Report

HSBC is one of the largest global banks with around 6900 offices in over 80 countries. HSBC Canada has its head office in Vancouver and executive office in Toronto. HSBC has a wide range of business products including commercial banking which provides both domestic and cross border financing, retail banking and wealth management for personal banking services, and global banking and markets which provides solutions for both corporation, government and individual with foreign investments and exchange. (HSBC Canada, 2013)

Interest in CSR studies in HSBC
HSBC is a global bank which has its headquarter in London, UK. A
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There are also educational programs that HSBC offers to support education both provincially and nationally.

Environment and Sustainability
Evergreen program is a HSBC Student Bursary Program at Evergreen Brick Works, a not-for-profit organization aimed to educate, engage and empower Canadians to help improve the relationship between communities and nature. HSBC engaged with Evergreen Brick Works in 2010 and made a huge impact in the program by raising a $400,000 donation over two years. HSBC also sent students and employees to Evergreen Program to be volunteers in all kinds of activities. Other than Evergreen Program, HSBC also has HSBC Fraser River Sturgeon Education Program, Bring Back the Wild School Outreach Program to support environmental education and donations are made in those programs too.

HSBC have been aiming to create a sustainable financial system for over a decade; and according to ‘Sustainability Report 2011’, HSBC set their strategy as meeting needs for business without sacrificing future generations’ resources. The sustainability operations in HSBC is measured on all branches and offices’ daily business processes on energy consumption, carbon dioxide emission from energy usage, water use, waste to landfill, air travel, paper use, and data centers. (Corporate Sustainability HSBC Holdings plc, 2011)

In community

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