Essay Hs Realization

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Christine Joyce I. Calingo IV- Archdiocese of Jaro
Reflection on my High School Years Most people would say that HIGH SCHOOL is one of the best and happiest experience a person could have. It is the time where students learn to break the status quo but it is also the time where we learn to prioritize what we want the most. Indeed, high school isn’t all about happiness alone but it is about learning, acquiring friends, excelling and most importantly being Persons of Character and Competence. Being a transferee and freshmen student is truly hard. I know no one except my previous classmates, I am not familiar with
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They say that there is a bigger world out there. Bigger than “prom”, bigger than high school. But it is truly hard to let go of the things that has already been a part of your everyday routine. I consider my four years in high school as my stepping stone for self discovery and for self improvement. Friends do come and go, but I’ve had a handful of them which I can say my genuine friends. Crushes? Oh it’s kind of a usual thing already when you’re a high school student. But it’s more on the inspiration side only, for I believe that it wouldn’t be great if you don’t have anyone to look after ever dismissal time or every activity day. These and a lot more will surely be something I would want to remember when I step on to my college years. I know that college won’t be as fun as high school for it will be more on professionalism. But I would be proud to say that once in my life, I’ve experienced things both hilarious and not that certainly motivate and inspires me to aim high, reach for the best, be who I want to be and to be strong that despite all the struggles I’ll still have a smile in my face and strong determination to continue life at its

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