Essay on Hrm ( Human Resource Management )

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Human resource management
HRM (Human Resources Management) is very important part of the every organization. It plays a vital role. HRM is responsible to hire new employees and to provide them proper training according to the work of the organization. It hires suitable and fit able persons for the work. For the better work performance they did orientations, manage salaries by the position and performance.
(A.J., 2015)
Personnel management is a basic function of staff. It includes the organising, controlling, planning and directing. (handa, 2007)
Difference between personal management and HRM:-
It is a traditional approach. It is modern approach, in simple it is a new version of personnel management.
It is a good way to focus on labour relation and welfare employees. In the organization it focused on development, encouragement and maintain human resource.
PM is to get employees satisfaction and incline the production. HRM includes participation of employees, effectiveness and productivity.
It is a function of daily life and too concerned with personnel manager. It has strategic functioning.
(dias, n.d.)
Functions of HRM:-
• HRM hire and recruit persons according to the jobs and provide them proper training. Which is the first and most important part of the HRM functions.
• HRM has to respect of the employees as human being and workers.
• Make relations good with workers would be more beneficial for the company…

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