Hp-Cisco Essay

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HP- CISCO Alliance • • Executive Summary • • Despite HP- CISCO top management intentions and senior and middle management commitment to renewed alliance stalemate has reached, due to lack of clearly defined ground rules, absence of detailed plan of action, cultural disconnect in decision making and non availability explicit financial integration plan. • • Hurdles for the formal agreement between the two organizations • Change of management team • Both teams assuming that they are middleware spanning horizontally across Bus and vertically between top management and sales forces • Alliance team asking BUS to do activities , which might be beneficial to the organization’s whole …show more content…
HP largest and Cisco third largest companies in Silicon Valley formed an alliance, signing for Technology collaboration, product integration, professional services, and customer support. In February 2002, the two companies decided to further formalize and expand their alliance by signing a contract that would outline in greater detail both how they would work together and the strategic initiatives on which the alliance would focus.
What is the size of the organization? H P Founded in 1939, HP was one of the more senior Silicon Valley technology companies. The Company had grown from a small outfit housed in a garage to a global technology and services Company that was a leader in many areas, including printers and computers. HP formally merged with Compaq in May 2002, the result was a company that would have had combined sales of almost $82 billion for fiscal year 2001, although for the first three-quarters of fiscal 2002, sales were down about 13% as a result of the continuing slump in most high-tech

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