Goldcorp Case Study

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Individual Strategic Implementation Assignment # 2: Goldcorp
Organizational Description
Goldcorp’s Ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Goldcorp’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy states that in order for GoldCorp to sustain the generation of value through its business, the corporation must:
1. Respect the safety and health of its employees,
2. Protect the environment,
3. Respect the human rights of its employees and residents of the communities in which it operations, and
4. To continuously develop these communities.

The company’s CSR policy is “guided by international standards and best practices and is supported by strategic relationships and other policies.” Adopting international standards imply adopting
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The ICMM is composed of 56 members; 21 mining and metal companies and 35 mining associations. The ICMM is guided by 5 values of 1. Care, 2. Respect, 3. Integrity, 4. Accountability, and 5. Collaboration. The ICMM council is composed of CEOs of member companies, who meet twice a year. The ICMM is composed of four departments; 1. Environmental and Climate Change, 2. Social and Economic Development, 3. Health and Safety, and 4. Materials Stewardship department, supporting working groups, and reporting to the Programs Committees and the Associations Co-ordination Group, then facilitate communication with the Principal Liaisons Committee, and the Council of CEOs. The Associations Co-ordination Group is composed of the Associations CEOs and it elects two representatives to chair the group and the chairperson of the Principal Liaisons Committee, whose members are from the member …show more content…
Goldcorp is currently reassessing the mine development plan in engagement with the indigenous groups to reach common grounds to develop the El Morro mine in an environmentally safe manner. (Globe and Mail,

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