How to Write a Naval Correspondence Letter Essay

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How to write a Naval Correspondence letter

The Naval correspondence letter is to prescribed a uniform standards for the management and preparation of correspondence throughout the Department of the Navy (DON). The Secretary of the Navy will administer the Department of the Navy Correspondence Management Program and Coordinate proposed changes to this manual with the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, they will administer the Correspondence Management Program within the Navy and Marine Corps respectively. Commanding Officers and Heads of Activities will establish a correspondence management program based on the requirements and guidance of this manual and ensure that its screened, controlled, reviewed
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( MCO 5216.19) Correspondence has shortcuts so it is necessary to take advantage of them:
The Facsimile Machines provide a fast and reliable means for sending official correspondence.
E-mail to formal and informal correspondence. Window eliminate the cost of addressing envelopes and the risk of putting letters in the wrong envelopes. It should be noted that the window-envelope letter format has no “From:” line, so every copy that goes outside your activity must be on letterhead to show its origin. Window envelope is not to be used for material that are Classified, Involves national security, a personal nature or sent to high-level officials. Periodically review correspondence for recurring, routine topics that can be addressed with a standard response. This standard response can be developed into a form or format letter to save time and guide letters. Form letters are use when possible for routine matters that require no personal touch.
Avoid form letters when expressing sympathy, apology, or appreciation.
Guide letters are uses as a pre-drafted standard letters that contain paragraphs that you may pick from to best fit the situation for which you are writing. Type or print them individually so they seems personally composed.
Coordination is a critical step in the processing of outgoing correspondence. In order to ensure that a proper response or original letter is prepared, the

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