Essay How You Can Make Money Writing At A Coffee Shop?

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My friends and family still don 't understand how I make money from my writing. They don 't understand how you can get online, write things, and make money doing so. They really don 't understand how you can take your laptop to a coffee shop and write stuff that could earn you money.

You Can Make Money Writing At A Coffee Shop?

And I 'm not talking about people who are older and don 't know a lot about the internet or online business. I 'm talking about young people who read blogs and use social media daily and buy both digital and physical products from Amazon and other sites.

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And it 's not just limited to my friends and family. In fact, when I was getting my car fixed the other day, I was talking to the younger woman behind the counter and told her that I made money through ghostwriting and blogging. The look she gave me was clear disbelief.

I tried explaining how I ghostwrite articles for businesses and bloggers.

I tried explaining that I recommend products as an affiliate and get a commission for that.

I tried explaining how I earn money from different monetization strategies on my websites.

The more explained, the more she didn 't believe me.

Finally, I just changed the subject because I didn 't know what else to say to convince her.

Yes, You Can Make Money From Your Writing

The bottom line is that there are plenty of people out there who could make money from their writing but simply don 't know it 's possible. If you are one of them, I want…

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