How Wind And Nuclear Power Has A Better Alternative Power Source Than Coal And Fossil Fuel

2336 Words Jul 4th, 2016 null Page
This article is about how wind and nuclear power have a better alternative power source than coal and fossil fuel. It also talks about how the USA is switching to renewable power generating sources. In addition, there are pros and cons to these renewable power resources for generating power. For instance, wind power is a good source of power, but can cause too much power generation and sometimes cannot produce enough power. However, nuclear power is a good source of constant power, but does not offer enough power for high power demand. So, by using mixed power generation and natural gas power, it can help with high power demand and also have base power supply for too much power demand. This article portrays many solutions to the wind and nuclear power that will change the view of what others think about it. This article is useful and important for this class because it lets me examine how writers in my field write. It also gives me tips and details on how an article in my field would look like and sound like. For instance, the format of this article has an abstract section that gives a brief summary of the whole article. This is very helpful to me because it is the first thing on a paper that I will have to write for the future in my major. So, knowing how to write in my format is very beneficial. Furthermore, this article is useful to me in my major field because it is a topic that I will be using in my career in the future. Power generating is my focus in Engineering,…

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