How We Roll : 7 Countries Essay

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How We Roll: 7 countries.. 9 months..3 Junior Nomads and 1 determined mother.

As I pack for my next adventure in Italy, I decided to take some time out to address that million-dollar question that boggles the minds of so many in the minority community. It is a subject that many of my Nomad*ness Travel Tribe and United Arab Emirates friends are very familiar with. “How can you afford to travel?” This is a question that can get you a myriad of responses from “Boo, don’t count my dollars or dirhams” to “How can you NOT afford to travel” or “How can you afford to buy a family set of Jordan’s every release date?” To some that question is like asking a “sister” if that is her real hair or can I touch it. It can be such a touchy subject to many.

Personally, I don’t mind sharing the methods I use that has afforded me the ability to travel with and without my children to 7 countries (8 if you count returning to America) in the last 9 months as a single parent and with the sole income of a high school educator.

Like most, my ultimate goal upon arriving to Abu Dhabi was to save money. I was determined to stack as many dirhams as possible. Before leaving the United States, I would have a notebook that I would use to record my financial checks and balances. Every month very few got checked and rarely did anything balance. Moving to Abu Dhabi I was ready to try something different with a goal to eventually transition back to America with a hefty savings in tow.

The first year,…

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