Analysis: A Stroke Of Insight

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There are many MESSAGES that an individual can analyze from “A Stroke of Insight”. For example, Jill speaks about how her spirit could “soar free” during her stroke and that she found nirvana. The fact that Jill nearly died and she could find nirvana or peace within herself, means that anyone is fully capable of finding peace within themselves. In addition, if Jill can find something positive in something as frightening as a stroke, we can find the positive in any situation. The RECEIVER of the message was the audience that watches her speak. The SENDER was Jill Bolte Taylor. The CHANNEL is a video that is broadcasted on social media such as YouTube and Facebook. The CODE was her story but to better understand the brain Jill used pictures and …show more content…
Jill has many ideas presented in her speech but the three that are most significant to me are: finding nirvana, having the power to choose and be what we want in the world, and having inner peace within yourself helps for leading peace in the world. First, if she can find nirvana alive, then anyone can find nirvana. As another point, individuals have the power to choose and be what they want in the world. For instance, if someone wanted to be a doctor and save lives, that person has the power to do so. As a last point, the more peace we focus on in the right hemisphere of our brain, the more we can project into the world. When I saw the title of the video “A Stroke of Insight” I was immediately interested and engaged. Mental illnesses, how the brain works and Neurology have always interested me which made Jill’s speech intriguing to listen to. I believe Jill’s speech was mostly factual and the conclusions she drew were very logical. When Jill introduces herself in the beginning of her speech, she mentions that she is a neuroanatomist, which is someone who studies the anatomy of the nervous system and the brain. With that being said, the audience can conclude that most of her speech is going to be factual and accurate due to her profession. Jill talks about the left and right

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