The Holy Ghost

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It is amazing how we preach the word of God and yet not preach Christian. I found out that Christian preaching has to involve Christ. If Christ is not part of the message, then your message is not Christian. We must keep Christ in our message because without him we can’t see God. In my reading from Dr. Gardener C. Taylor, I understand now that it is important to keep our preaching Christian. He talked about the Holy Ghost and the responsibility of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is to lead, guide, and teach us all things that Christ has said. I do believe that the Holy Ghost plays an important part in our lives and proclaiming God’s word. To me, it is the Holy Ghost that helps us to keep God’s word embedded in our hearts. The council of Nicene of 325 AD. helped to bring to mind that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost work as one. I think that this sets the very foundation of our belief in the Trinity. Those 220 Bishops really had their job cut out for them. I do believe that this session took a while to come to an end. The Nicene Creed set the standard for the Rankins 2

Christian church’s belief concerning the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Since I have a good understanding about Christian preaching, I recognize now how some preachers leave out Jesus Christ in
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I realized through Dr. Taylor’s essay, that Jesus by the way of Calvary tore us from the grip of sin and returned our souls to God. Sometimes we give too much credit to the Holy Ghost during worship service and forget that the Holy Ghost’s job is to lift up Jesus, so therefore Jesus should be the very center of our preaching and worship experience. Christ is the head of the church and God is the head of Christ, so I think as we magnify God, we should also glorify Christ, and be lead by the Holy

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