How We Can Communicate With Parents Using Technology Essay example

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The article provides important information in how we can communicate with parents using technology. As a parent It is important to always have a good communication with our children teachers or school. In this article we going to learn how to engage it, it provides us tips for Involving Families through Internet-Based Communication. Starting with the research, the research is clear that a family 's involvement in their child 's early education improves outcomes in areas such as the child 's language, self-help, social, and motor skills. Followed by, how a variety of Internet-based communication methods exist to help increase the frequency and outreach of communication between families and early childhood programs. As well how using informal communication and formal communication, send group e-mails to remind all families of upcoming events, such as field trips and parent-teacher conferences.
In this article I find how interesting is to communicate with parents via e-mail. As a teacher I would like to have all my parents talk to me in person about how their kid’s education, because we will have a great communication without misinterpreting anything. Also I understand that now a day’s technology is growing rapidly and we have to catch up with, but when it comes with children and education I think all conference and opinions or anything have to be shared and talked to in person. I see it a little ridiculous how some schools create web pages such as Facebook, to have everything…

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