How Traditional Anishinaabe Medicine Can Be Integrated Into Western Medicine

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When the culture of the Anishinaabe, or Ojibwe, people were suppressed when colonization began in the Americas, their medical practices were as well. In an effort to preserve the Ojibwe culture as well as establish effective treatment options for people living on reservations as well as members of Ojibwe communities, Anishinaabe cultures should be incorporated into the clinical setting.
When working with different cultures in a health environment, it is necessary to have an understanding of that culture as different perspectives and values will have an effect on their medical care. Therefore, an understanding of Anishinaabe medicinal practices is crucial when considering the prevention and treatment of illnesses in the Anishinaabe community. Since traditional methods are not practiced in American healthcare, how information is perceived in the population as well as inclination to comply with different treatments are affected. How traditional practices can be incorporated in a Western healthcare setting as well as the challenges that exist in doing so will be evaluated.
To begin to assess the different ways that traditional Anishinaabe medicine can be integrated into Western medicine, how the Anishinaabe culture was affected by colonization must be discussed. The cause of an illness is fundamental to determine how to treat it. There are two kinds of illnesses that differ in how they are treated as well as their etiology.
One is “white-man’s sickness”, which are diseases that…

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