How To Write A Personal Reflection Essay

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Theme 1: Living and working in San Diego, California is very important to me.
Supporting Evidence:
• My wife and I purchased our first house together in San Diego County. (3Q)
• I live close to my father and my in-laws in San Diego County. (3Q)
• I need to be Veteran Affairs Medical Facilities. (3Q)
• My wife and I have two boys still living in the same house in San Diego, California. (VW)
• I am living in Vista, California, which is in San Diego County. (10Y)
• I am a senior business analyst for Scripps Hospitals in San Diego County. (10Y)
• I work at all the locations in San Diego County. (10Y)
• My secondary career anchor was, security, stability and organizational identity. (10Y)
• “Flexibility” was on my 20 somewhat satisfying skills.
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Throughout my time going through my data, I was able to find evidence that it is important for me to stay in San Diego, California. Most of my evidence came from my personal reflection writings. It was difficult to see this theme translated into any of the assessments that I took, however I do recall being asked multiple times during the assessments if I would be willing to relocate. I remember also selecting “no”. Another reason why I chose this as my first theme was because of the lack of supportive and contradictory evidence. I find this to be very odd because staying in San Diego County is very important to me. Since I am a disabled veteran it is easier for me to stay local to Veteran Service facilities. The main reason is that I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and I already know that’s not where I want to work or raise my family. My wife and I are fully invested into our house. My father sold his house from San Francisco Bay Area to move closer to us since my wife and I will be starting a family soon. In addition, my in-laws live close to us. I also have done my own research in San Diego County and there is a huge demand for business analyst. There are many factors of why it is important for me to stay where I am now. This theme has a strong relationship with my second theme. Thinking about this theme makes me realize that technically everything would be okay if I needed to relocate, however it is a very strong preference to stay in San Diego,

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