How To Survive In College Essay

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As a thirty-two years old woman, my two sons and seventy-four credit hours of college are all my treasure. Everything is not easy for me to earn, and every stage has a different circumstance to deal with. Hence, I have to evolve things and resolve problems under any conditions to survive in school and life.
My life turns into an interesting journey of learning, improving, and dealing with unexpected situations since I moved in the Unite State in 2007. First, I went to Tarrant County College to study in the summer of 2007. However, my family only had one car at that time so it caused inconvenience to me for communication with outside. So, my husband had to drive me to school in the morning, and picked up me after 6pm. That was the only solution I could do to resolve the problem because my family just had one income from my husband. Therefore, I stayed in the library most of the day time after spending two or three hours in classes. Being tired of waiting and hungry as a hunter the same every day could not make me stop going school. Although the United State is the land of opportunity, I will not become a successful person if I do not stay in school, graduate, and work hard. My view of this fact is very clear. Therefore, it is
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America has turned my life into an active life with many opportunities. In unexpected ways, I have changed; I am no longer naive nor faint because I get to know parts of me I did not know existed. Whatever comes my way, I know I can deal with it by myself. Now, I am stronger than I was before. Gaining the necessary knowledge from school, and preparing of a good career are the need for my future. Although I sometimes have a feeling of coming down and embracing with a few lessons of life, but circumstances, obstacles or conflicts in my life make me realize that how patient I am to stay in school. As long as I can go to school and finish my degree 's plan I will deal and face up to anything in

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