How To Prevent Gun Control Essay

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Fighting Fire with Fire Gun violence in the United States is climbing at a tremendous rate and we are constantly reminded of that each time we turn on the news and see that there was another shooting where there were multiple deaths or a murder-suicide occurred. Over the last couple of decades, law makers and gun control activists have been on a frenzy trying to enact dozens and dozens of aggressive gun control laws in an effort to try and reduce the number of crimes associated with gun violence. In their efforts of trying to prevent those crimes and make a safer country, they have only put an undue burden on the law abiding citizen and come dangerously close to stepping on the Constitution of the United States of America. So in contrast …show more content…
While that seems like a valid concern, people with violent pasts cannot obtain a new concealed carry permit. In the event that someone already had a permit and was convicted of any crime the issuing authority is immediately notified and an investigation is opened as whether or not they need to revoke the license. So in either case there would be no way that a convicted person could legally carry a concealed weapon. In the article If Not Congress, Then Obama Should Reject Bill on Concealed-Weapons Permits by the LA Times, they compare a driver’s license to that of a concealed weapons permit, and go on to say that is an inapt comparison. They contend that law makers in Nevada or Texas should not be able to enact laws that directly affect the residents of California; meaning that while somewhat conservative gun laws may be okay in those states where it is widely rural, they are not acceptable in California where it is densely urban (N.P). While California may be more populated and highly urbanized, that should not constitute …show more content…
On those ride-alongs I have witnessed a lot of different scenarios involving firearms and the happy ending ones always had one thing in common, the victim had a firearm to defend themselves. So instead of passing more and more aggressive gun laws that are clearly not doing any good, we should ensure that citizens have all the tools necessary to protect themselves and their families and the best way to do that is to have a universal concealed handgun carry reciprocity. It is not only a recognized right, but it is the greatest defense against criminals who do not care about anything but themselves.

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