Essay about How to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger

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How to make the Perfect Cheeseburger

Making the perfect cheeseburger is a hidden skill, passed along the test of time from one grill master to the next, generation to generation. To make this culinary classic one must poses at the very least some basic cooking skill, as well as some basic tools, and kitchen knowledge. In other words, plastic knives, and paper plates are not acceptable. This is a test of determination and perseverance, a battle, between you, the chef and the beef, vegetables, fire, and cheese.
To make the perfect cheeseburger you must have the following grilling, and kitchen utensils: a charcoal grill, a sharp chef's knife, cutting board, frying pan and a few other non-specific household items.
The first step in the
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The eggs will help hold you burger together. Next, add some salt and pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. These ingredients will give the burger flavor, and juiciness. Now you want to mix everything together (yes use your hands), and form 12oz. patties. These are the basis for the perfect cheeseburger, now if your coals are ready you can place the patties on the grill. Grill each side for three minutes to sear in all the juices and flavor. Watch for flare-ups, and never, never, use tinfoil on your grill. Now while your patties are grilling to burger bliss, you can begin to prepare the rest of your ingredients. Chop the lettuce into pieces equal to the size of a quarter. Now chop the red onion into ¼-inch thick slices, slice the tomatoes in the same fashion. Place the bacon in the frying pan and fry it to an almost crispy, golden brown, appearance. Hey, do not forget the burgers; they are done in ten to fifteen minutes after the initial six-minute searing process. Time is of the essence in this project of culinary creation. Too slow and you will burn your creation, too fast and your will have steak tar-tar and not a burger of perfection at all. This final stage is where the burger comes alive. You will want to toast your rolls and the grill, brushing them first with some olive oil to keep them from turning black. You will want to grill them until they become golden brown in color. Now the burgers

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