How To Make A Cake Mix?

As a baking and pastry student I learned to make cakes from scratch. In order to make a cake from scratch a person would have to measure all the ingredients and then mix them all together in a correct method, so that the cake would come out right. If a person is not very good around the kitchen or even does not have the time to make a cake from scratch. The alternative is to make a cake from cake mix like Duncan Hines. Duncan Hines has been around for many years and had dedicated the name brand to service the home baker. In in 2014 Duncan Hines and Wilton Decorator’s Choice work together to make a yellow cake mix for home baker and cake decorators for a smoother cake and have less chances of cracking and crumbing (Hannah Abdulla ). As a future pastry chef and cake decorator I decided to check out the cake mix. The first thing I checked out was the price of the cake mix box compared to other cake mix. According there to Hannah Abdulla who wrote a piece on Duncan Hines and Wilton; she state that the …show more content…
The price of the cake mix is very affordable to any one and available is almost anywhere. The level of difficulty was easy, anyone can put the cake mix together once following the instructions. Hines also delivered on the smoothness of the cake and less crumbs for less frustration on the decorating part of the cake. On the other hand in my option I think they felled on taste and what a cake should taste like. A piece of cake should be light and smooth, so once the consumer takes bite of the cake it should fill like a person is eating piece of heaven. Even though it Hines met their goal I think that cake was to richer and once the frosting or fondant was added; the cake would be too sweet. I believe that Betty Crocker new yellow cake mix was very good light and moist and even though it had more crumbs it was nothing that a home baker or cake decorator cannot deal

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