Donna Hogarty How To Deal With A Difficult Boss Analysis

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When someone gets a job they always hope that they get a good boss, but what if instead that supervisor is boss from hell? The boss could be considered a workaholic, one won’t want let his employs leave work in a timely manner. Or a perfectionist that wants every task, every project done to excellence, when the fact is nothing is ever perfect. In the essay, “How to Deal with a Difficult Boss” by Donna Hogarty it talks about different types of bosses that we could come in contact within the work place. The only way to deal with these bosses such as these is to, think positive and not make the situation any worse. Many people can think they have a bad boss, however they just need to make the best of their situation. Through my experiences, I …show more content…
The bully boss is a leader that just makes life a living hell at work by simply putting his employs down. The worst thing to do is to ignore this behavior. By ignoring the bosses temper tantrums and yelling matches employs are only adding fuel to his fire. “Employees who tried hardest to avoid his ire were most likely to catch it” (96). The more you avoid him or her, the more likely they put you down even more than if you would have just stopped to check in. In my case, my boss will always check in and see how I am doing after couple of days of work. This gives me and my coworkers the opportunity to bring to his attention possible questions or concerns. Even when only one person fears the boss, it can create a maze of fear within the work place. “Co-workers cower under the boss’s browbeating, he realized that the tyrant fed on fear” (96). Bosses can feel this fear, and feed off of it, it only fuels their fire. Instead a good boss would communicate, and help employs with questions and concerns. One key factor in bully bosses is the way they reel you in by starting out nice and then turning on you. “The bully will worm his or her way into your heart as a way of positioning your face under his foot” (97). Personally I have never had to deal with a bully boss. During work my boss is the incredibly helpful and truly cares about his employs. The way employs can empower themselves in this hostile work environment is by …show more content…
One way of saying it is not including employs in their decisions “The boss made decisions alone, and very quickly” (99). One way of explaining it is by saying that the boss is out of the loop and operating solely by themselves. At my place of work my boss always includes us in making a choice and asks us to help make choices that would affect us directly. When my boss was trying to decide if we should do more maintenance work in a specific area of the park, she consulted all of the maintenance workers first. This made us feel important and valued. When a boss does not consult the employs first they can feel unimportant. Our essay is read “Many workers feel frozen out by their boss in subtle ways” (99). Employees want to feel important and valued. By letting them simply voice their thoughts and opinions within the work place, helps create a cohesive environment. It is just like a ship stuck in ice cannot go anywhere, there is nowhere to go expect down to the bottom. In my case, my boss always let us speak up and have choice on what vehicles we can drive. She also lets us choose when to take breaks and our lunch. It is nice to have a chance to choose. Not just feel stuck in the ice,

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